Okay, so, I’m doing a complete makeover on my bedroom, right, because it’s a new house and a new life and all that jazz. And so far, outside of a truly epic number of trips to IKEA (which seems weird when you look at my room, because it is… not IKEA-y), it’s gone pretty well so far. I mean, I’ve spent a small fortune, for me, but a small fortune for me is like a couple hundred dollars. So it’s been mostly all good. I discovered that hanging curtains, for example, is WAAAAY easier without my ex’s help. As is putting together anything from IKEA, for that matter. 

But today, a major setback. I adore the idea of a canopy over a bed that isn’t a four-poster — you can just look at my Pinterest, it’s like, all bed canopies all the time. And now that I’m totally doing just what I want to do, I was psyched to put mount some curtain rods on the ceiling and go to town. So I marked the spots to mount the brackets, got out my drill, and …. drilled uselessly and totally ineffectively against the concrete slab that is my ceiling. 
It shouldn’t be a huge shock to me that the ceiling is just spackle on top of a concrete slab — I live in a high-rise, so structural integrity is kind of a big deal. But I’ve never lived in anything besides an old house or a garden apartment before, so it was a rude awakening for me. 
So, now I have to either re-conceptualize and abandon my beloved canopy bed, or come up with some ingenious way to hang things from the ceiling without actually putting anything in the ceiling. Wish me luck.