I’m in Brooklyn for the night. Hitting traffic (as I did, of course, because why not?), it takes about five hours to get here, and I’ll be turning around and going home tomorrow afternoon.

Why would I do this insane thing? There are three reasons. One is my lovely and special and marvelous friends Je and Ja, who let me invade their apartment in Crown Heights on no notice, and whom I absolutely adore.

Actually, there are four reasons. One is just that I love this place a lot. I spent a month living in Kensington, Brooklyn and adored it. Maybe one day I’ll make it back for good. But that’s really just a reason to come here anytime, not reason to come here for just a night.

HOWEVER. The two big reasons are the reasons I am downright giddy with excitement at present, as I sit in an adorable coffee shop (Lula Bean on Grand Street) and buy things to justify occupying a table and some internet all afternoon.

In about an hour, I will go to Then She Fell again. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Oh wait, yes, I totally can. But that will be in a post I am still writing, so I’ll come back to it.

The other reason is that I am going to a taxidermy class at The Observatory tomorrow. YOU GUYS. I am going to taxidermy a mouse. An actual mouse. I am, like, actively atwitter about this. So much so that I had to write about it before it happened. So after it happens, hopefully I will be equally excited and want to write about it again.

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