And roof of mossy green

bathmat made of moss

Posted by Radhika Seth at Yanko Design,

I have a weird affinity for moss. Weird because generally speaking, I try to avoid Things in Nature as much as possible. Well, that’s not fair — I love most types of animals that have four legs or fewer. But I’m just allergic to every damn thing that grows.

Not moss, though. And I adore the feeling of moss under my bare feet. Which is why this fantastic bathmat makes me super-happy. Not being commercially sold, sadly, but I’d vote for the designer to Kickstart that shit, because I would fork over for something that awesome.


Worth Kickstarting: The Taxidermy Wonders of Walter Potter

Worth Kickstarting: The Taxidermy Wonders of Walter Potter

Still from Kickstarter movieSo, yes, I admit it, I’m kind of a hipster. I lived in Brooklyn for a month and came to terms with that. My bedroom is lit entirely with Edison bulbs and I love taxidermy (but didn’t a year ago). So yeah.

THAT SAID, this short film looks like a hoot. The example of anthropomorphic taxidermy that they show are  bizarre and awesome, and I fully support a short film to show us more about the art and the man who made it. Nobody did weird whimsy like the Victorians.
And yes, I think this will still be awesome, even when taxidermy goes the way of zombies and all that other hipster what-have-you. I still love zombies, even if their moment has passed. Being trendy is about being FULL of LOVE. You just love new things all the time — I, for one, never really stop loving trendy things once they’re over, I just decorate with them less. I am FULL of LOVE but I don’t have a great attention span.

DIY Project: Copper Pipe Sconce

Copper Pipe Wall Sconce

Credit to clairezinnecker at Camille Styles

I love this project — I’ve been thinking about something similar ever since I was in Brooklyn and saw pipe-based lighting fixtures everywhere. Don’t let a boutique in Williamsburg charge you an arm and a leg for this, just follow Claire’s awesome tutorial. I might tweak it a bit for a table lamp and try it myself.

Take a look at the tutorial at Camille Styles.