Soundtracks for Dark Deeds: The Parlour Trick, “A Blessed Unrest”

album cover

A Blessed Unrest, by The Parlour Trick.

I have been on the hunt for music that fits my current aesthetic, and this album is so perfect in that regard that I feel little need to listen to anything else.

The Parlour Trick seems to be pretty obscure; you get bupkis if you put them into Pandora. I only discovered them because a couple of months ago, Neil Gaiman tweeted about this place in Brooklyn, Gemini & Scorpio Loft arts space, which was having a Kickstarter campaign. I was like, I like things that Neil likes, so I looked at the thing, and found that their list of rewards was the most fantastic treasure trove of awesome things I’d never heard of: artists, musicians, clothing designers, creatives of all stripes. And I rejoiced, for I needed more things to obsess about. This is where I discovered Morbid Anatomy, who sponsored the splendid taxidermy class I took a while back. And one of the musicians listed was The Parlour Trick, so I started listening to their album on Bandcamp, and purchased it halfway through the second track, because this was clearly a thing I needed in my life. Continue Reading →